Mom Takes Her Special Needs Son To Dinner, Then A Customer Hands Waitress A Note About His Behavior

To celebrate Labor Day weekend, Ashley England went out to dinner with her family. As any parent will tell you, bringing kids along to a restaurant can be difficult — but Ashley is the proud mom of a son with special needs. For her family, going to a restaurant can be particularly challenging.

During dinner, 8-year-old Riley was getting a little too rowdy. He started hitting the table, throwing things, and screaming, and Ashley could tell he was bothering some of the other diners seated near the family.

Riley suffers from a severe form of epilepsy that causes him to have seizures.

Then, Ashley’s waitress approached the table. She assumed the worst, and mentally prepared herself for a complaint about Riley. But it was just the opposite.

Watch Ashley and her family reveal the note below…

This is Riley. He has special needs.

Since he was just a baby, Riley has suffered from a severe form of epilepsy that causes him to have seizures.

Little did he and his family know, a simple gesture was about to touch their lives forever.


One night, Riley went to dinner with his family at the Stag & Doe restaurant in North Carolina.

His mom, Ashley, prepared for the worst when Riley began acting rowdy and aggravating some of the customers.