Meet Malin Rydqvist, The World’s Sexiest Most Flexible Pilot!

Malin Rydqvist is a 29-year-old pilot from Sweden. She flies Boeing 737s, and she is currently based in Croatia. When Malin’s not working, she likes to unwind by doing yoga in breathtaking locales. Thankfully for us and all of her 46,500 Instagram followers, she also enjoys posting photos of her in action.

#1 Meet Malin Rydqvist: Beautiful Swedish Pilot & Yoga Buff

MEET the Swedish pilot who splits her time between flying round the world and practising her bendy yoga moves.




Rydqvist uses the exotic locations she flies to as picturesque backdrops for snaps of her perfecting her impressive poses.



The 29-year-old, who has more than 45,000 followers on Instagram, can be seen pulling shapes against magnificent mountains, sparkling oceans and on scenic shores.

Many shots, like this one of her perched between two rocks overlooking the ocean, almost defy belief.