Man Finds Love After Texting Number On Toilet Wall Offering ‘Good Shag’

Toilet graffiti – an ever-present reminder of who ‘wuz chillin ere 2k13’ and an apparent Yellow Pages for anonymous men and women up for sex at the drop of a text.


Public toilet cubical walls are for two things – stopping you from being distracted from your business by some guy getting a blow-job and for finding out whose mate is a prick, what girl’s number is worth having and where to get drugs you really don’t want.




But no one really takes notice of the wall graffiti, do they? I know I’ve never saved one of the girl’s numbers to my phone, I’ve never hunted down Darren to tell him he’s an arse hole and I’ve never called up one of the deals asking for generic gear. And why would you? It’s more than likely just a load of jokes.



Well, one guy did call up one of the numbers offering a fun night and he got more than he’d bargained for… love.

The 51-year-old, of Brighouse, West Yorkshire, discovered the number while using the toilet at his local pub.