12 Super Simple Makeup Looks That Showcase Your Natural Beauty

Do you struggle with makeup? It can be difficult to figure out how much to apply without making yourself look like a total clown. You want to look fresh, but you don’t want the hassle of a complex makeup routine that prevents your skin from breathing and covers up your naturally beautiful self! It’s not too much to ask, and a lot of people are on your side. Natural makeup is super popular right now, and it’s easier than ever to spend a few quick minutes every morning enhancing the beauty you already possess with a few simple techniques and products. If you’re a fan of easy makeup application, you’re going to love these tips and tricks of the trade!

1. Simple Foundation

One of the trickiest things about getting a natural look with your makeup is coverage. You want to hide uneven skin tone, or maybe some blemishes, but you don’t want to look like a cakey mess! Some helpful tips to avoid a botched foundation attempt include:

2. Natural Brows

I am a firm believer that eyebrows can make or break a look. For perfectly groomed brows, simply do the following:

– Use a brow comb to brush hairs upward, exposing the natural brow line
– Take a pair of tweezers and remove any stray hairs
– Find an eyebrow pencil one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color and follow the bottom of your natural brow line
– Continue using the pencil on top, starting in the center and moving back to the end of your eyebrow. You want the line you created on the bottom to meet with the line on top. You can also create a slight arch if that’s the look you prefer.
– Take a spoolie and blend the pencil up into your brow, removing any harsh lines
– A brow powder or matte eyeshadow can be applied with an angled brush to fill the rest of your brow and set the color
– Highlight underneath the brow with a cream concealer or highlighter and blend with a brush
– Lastly, apply a coat of clear brow gel to fix any unruly hairs

3. Full Lips

If you want a fuller lip but aren’t a fan of using bright, bold lipstick, try this handy trick:

– Apply a non-drying concealer to your lips and line the perimeter with a dusty rose pencil. This will make them appear larger.
– Using a lip brush, fill them in with a pink lipstick
– Finish the look off with a gloss for dimension and shine

4. Nude Lips

A nude pencil can create the perfect, soft, natural finish on your lips, but without some sort of moisturizer, it can be really dry. That’s the opposite of what you want.

– Start off by applying a super moisturizing lip balm
– Take a nude pencil and define the lips by staying close to your natural lip line and using gentle strokes to fill them in
– Finish the look with a layer of tinted balm in a color similar to your lip pencil

5. Eye Pop

To achieve a natural, “no makeup” look, you want to limit the number of products you use. This simple trick is perfect for natural eye makeup:

– Apply a light flesh-colored pencil to your waterline
– Blend a shimmery shadow to the inner and outer duct area
– Using a dark eyeliner pencil, line your eyelid outward, starting in the center. You want to gradually thicken the liner as you work your way out.
– Smudge the liner with a Q-Tip or small brush
– Lastly, curl your lashes and apply mascara, wiggling the wand back and forth to get most of the product on the base of your lashes and sweeping the rest up towards the ends.

6. No Eyeliner

Sometimes there isn’t enough time or patience to deal with eyeliner application. For a great, natural look without the hassle of liner, try this:

– Apply a luminizing foundation with a beauty blender, followed by coral blush on the apples of your cheeks
– To warm up your look, sweep bronzer on the forehead, hollows of the cheeks, and chin line
– Blend eye primer into the eyelid and above your crease
– Create a base coat on the lid with brown shadow
– Dust with a shimmery, bronze shadow and blend around the crease with a fluffy brush
– Also apply this shadow to the inner and outer bottom corners of your eyes
– Curl your lashes and coat with mascara
– Complete the look with pink lipstick

7. No Makeup, Makeup

Achieve this look with a few simple products and these easy to follow steps:

– Start by washing your face and applying moisturizer
– Conceal your eyelid and under eye area (you can use a light liquid foundation or concealer)
– Using a brow pencil that resembles your natural hair color, lightly fill in your eyebrows and blend with a brow brush
– Next, find an eyeshadow that is lighter than your skin tone and apply it to the inside corner of your lid and brow line
– Follow the light shadow with one that is a bit darker than your skin color. Brush it into your crease from the outside corner to the center of your lid
– Take an angle brush and line your top lash, starting from the outside corner and working your way in as far as you desire
– Do the same on your bottom lash line
– Top it all off by curling your lashes and applying a good coat of mascara

8. Fresh Face

This “no makeup” routine doesn’t involve any foundation! If that sounds appealing, check it out!

– Instead of foundation, start with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer with SPF (remember to exfoliate your skin beforehand)
– Cover your eyelid with a light brown shadow and then apply brown or black eyeliner to the lashline
– Coat lashes in mascara
– Using a brow brush, comb eyebrow hairs upward
– Sweep bronzer on cheekbones and temples, followed by a highlighter, and use a peach or rose blush on the apples of your cheeks
– Finish the look with a coral gloss or lipstick

9. Quick & Easy

It doesn’t get easier than this!

– Apply primer to your entire face to create a smooth surface for makeup
– Follow the primer with some tinted moisturizer
– Curl your lashes and coat them with mascara

10. Sleepless

If you are someone who tends to pull all-nighters, whether it’s because of work, school, or kids, you still deserve to look your very best the next day. Try this quick and easy tune-up after a late or sleepless night:

– Place an eye gel pad under your eyes to decrease any puffiness you may have
– Scrub your lips with an electric scrubber or a clean mascara wand and lip balm
– Apply a light layer of tinted moisturizer, foundation, or BB cream with a damp makeup sponge
– Cover dark circles with concealer and use highlighter just above your cheekbones
– Sweep blush on the apples of your cheeks and dab a tiny bit above your brows
– Curl lashes and add mascara
– Complete your fresh face with a lip stain

11. Everyday

For everyday wear, this tutorial has some great inspiration:

– As always, wash and moisturize your face and apply lip balm
– Use BB cream all over and conceal under the eyes and any other trouble spots
– Sweep a light layer of translucent powder under your eyes and on your T-zone
– Fill in your brows
– Blend a waterproof and crease-proof cream shadow all over your lid
– Curl your lashes and coat with mascara
– If you like, you can add a light layer of bronzer along your hairline, cheeks, jawline, and nose
– Add blush to the apples of your cheeks
– Line and fill your lips, and use your favorite gloss or lipstick

12. 5 Minutes

If you are short on time and need to get out the door fast, give this tutorial a go:

– Cover your face in a tinted moisturizer and apply concealer under your eyes and on any other trouble spots
– Add blush to your cheeks and blend back
– Use a brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and set everything with a loose powder
– Curl your lashes and coat with mascara immediately after it has been curled
– Complete the look with a gloss or lipstick