Kim Kardashian Makes Major Announcement About 3rd Baby!

It might be time to sit down for this one Kim Kardashian fans. Kim is about to drop a whopper on us all.

Kim Kardashian already has two beautiful children.
She’s got a daughter, North, and a son, Saint. However, Kim and Kanye might not be done having babies just yet.


Kim K dropped the news in a promo for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

And she dropped an additional bombshell along with it. She told Kris Jenner that she’s seriously considering surrogacy for her next child. Wait, what?


Yes, apparently Kim doesn’t want to put her body through any more pregnancies.

She suffered several painful complications while pregnant with Saint, and she apparently doesn’t want to risk additional complications. In our view, that’s totally understandable.

Kris Jenner’s reaction says it all.

It is, after all, a shocking announcement, but we think that the most shocking part is the leading candidate for surrogacy…


That would be the gorgeous Chrissy Teigen.

Well, maybe. Teigen said that she “really enjoyed the pregnancy process,” adding that she’d serve as Kim’s surrogate “in a heartbeat.”


That’s a pretty incredible offer from Teigen.

This is how you know when you’ve got an amazing friend. But will the other Kardashian sisters support Kim’s decision?


Here’s the teaser in all of its glory.
We can’t wait to see how this shakes out!