15 Kids Who Expertly Trolled Their Teachers And It Was Hilarious

Homework. Even now the word feels me with dread. When you’re about to leave school on a Friday then BAM! Your math teacher hands you a load of algebra that she wants done by Monday. Cheers Mrs. Ward, I will never forget that. However, as much as I’d moan, I’d get the job done. Sure I’d be scribbling down the answers five minutes before the lesson started, but still, by hook or by crook it was finished.

But these kids had a totally different approach to schoolwork. Their answers will make you question what’s better – the correct answer or their alternative entertaining responses. See children are unfiltered fountains of honesty and hilarity, even when it comes to assignments. Let’s just hope their teachers saw the funny side to them, I know I did.

1. They make a good observation.


2. Beans, beans, good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you…