This Guy Got Catfished So Hard, He Thought He Was Dating Katy Perry

Internet dating hasn’t changed much since it first started. It’s still the same process: you meet someone online, you get to know each other, you decide to meet in real life, and whatever happens during your meet-up, you may decide to get hitched or say goodbye.

MTV’s Catfish has gotten a lot of people hooked thanks to how they reveal the scams pulled by people who pretend to be someone else. You don’t know if you’re going to feel sorry for the poor shmuck who has to find out that they got duped, or laugh at them because they expected too much from online dating.

Catfish is a popular show on MTV: It’s an addicting docu-series about the lies behind online dating. They have interesting reveals and confrontations, with some being so cringe-worthy that people can’t just take their eyes away from the TV when it happens.


They’ve documented numerous cases of catfishing: The show’s been on since 2012, so they’ve documented pretty epic cases of catfishing from all over the world. Some confrontations happen for the better, while others end up being in denial.


Recently, one, in particular, brought attention: An episode of Catfish recently caught the eye of netizens on social media because of how ridiculous it is. Why? Because a man was gullible enough to believe that his online girlfriend is an international pop star.