Justin Bieber Went In The Sea In White Underwear, Inevitably, It Turned See-Through

#1 BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber is super hot.

What do you mean? Of course this is not brand new information. He started off as the cute teen with Beatles-esque side-swept bangs, now he’s the bad-boy who grown women pine for. Ahem, like me.

If you fall into this category of society then you’ll be happy to hear that JB has been spotted with his kit off. Justin had nothing to be sorry about when he was papped wake-boarding on Sunday in Miami.



#2 However, it wasn’t just the megastar’s skills in the water that have made the internet wet, wet, wet.

Flick over to the next picture to see Justin Bieber in ALL his glory when he stripped down to his sodden briefs.





Justin was in Florida over the weekend while in-between stops for his Purpose World Tour. Although his schedule is pretty jam-packed, he still found the time to blow off some steam on a yacht with his friend Ryan Good and actress Ashley Benson.