Insane Period Myths That People Actually Believe Are True

Growing up, I believed a lot of crazy myths about periods. I genuinely believed that I shouldn’t go in the ocean during that time of the month because I was more likely to attract sharks. I thought that every time I had my period, I would just want to eat a ton of chocolate (not always true, but sometimes yes, true). I even believed that I couldn’t get pregnant when I had my period.

#1 Periods And Sharks

Yes blood attracts sharks, but when a woman goes into the water, her period blood does not gush out.



#2 Period At The Bakery

This is so untrue, but a great excuse not to bake bread during your period.



#3 Red-Heads

It might be funny to think that people get their red hair from their mother having conceived during her period, but so outlandish in reality.