If You Touch A Woman Here It Will Turn Her On Instantly.

Every person likes to be seduced just not in the same way. There are many handbooks that swear they are revealing the secret code to a sexy and frisky time with your significant other. Still, women and men have erogenous parts that are sensitive to touch.

When stimulated, these areas begin to not only relax the rest of the body and brain but also generates a sexual response. Women of course, each have their own preference in how they want to be touched and caressed. You may be looking for new moves to bring into a new relationship or just need to spice up your sex life.

Here are the places women love to be touched. Everyone prefers to be caressed differently. Don’t panic if you don’t know what she prefers. Part of the fun is discovering what stroke and fondling will give her the most satisfaction.

#1 Run your hands through her hair.

Be gentle and firm as you touch her scalp.
Depending in the mood you are both in, a slight tug can get her very hot and bothered.


#2 Touching and caressing the pelvic area will awaken her. Don’t just go straight for sex either.

Choose to kiss, caress, and rub this spot.