If You Gulp Down 2 Liters Of Jack Daniels In Under A Minute You’re Gonna Regret It

Just when we thought that munching down on a tablespoon full of pure cinnamon was as far as somebody would go for internet fame, this guy has to come out and down half a gallon of Jack Daniels to prove us wrong.

#1 He Is Strong, He Is Invincible

One man is trying to reach the top of the YouTube world by doing something that would kill most of us. Ernest Acosta, of Texas, is continuously trying to outdo his previous videos like eating tarantulas, glue and vodka, and scorpions doused in whiskey. He seeks fame and fortune and thinks that his videos will bring that to him. However, it becomes clear that Costa simply does not give a crap about health and safety. There have been multiple health warnings issued against binge drinking, but for some reason, Earnest simply thinks he is invincible.



#2 America’s Got Talent?

He decided that he would show his stamina by downing half a gallon of Jack Daniels whisky in less than a minute. To prove it’s actually JD he is going to guzzle, he shows that the cap is still sealed tightly. The entire time he talks about how talented he is and that Hollywood producers are looking at him for big projects.


#3 Supportive Wife

His wife seems to be a prop in his videos, and he decides that the bottle must rest between her breasts for a few more potential clicks. After asking her to help him with this challenge, he is ready to go and the chugging begins as she encourages him to keep going.