I Stared At This Picture For Hours And Couldn’t Find The Hidden Panda

For reasons unknown we all seem to be addicted to finding hidden images in pictures. It all started with Waldo, but ever since the hidden panda surfaced and went viral, these puzzles are popping up all over, and they are getting more difficult to solve

#1 Find Doc Brown In The Sea Of Bernies

They say presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders resembles they psycho-scientist Doc Brown from ‘Back To The Future’ because of his messy hair and physical appearance in general. Well here’s the challenge at hand. There’s a Doc Brown hidden among all these Bernie Sanders. Can you find him?



#2 We Must Go Back To The Future And Stop This

If you found him up there in the left you’re in the 10% of those who can. (Wink, wink,) You don’t need free college, you’re already a genius.

Try the next puzzle.


#3 Hamster Mania

Here’s a picture full of cute little hamsters. But… There is something other than a hamster in here. Can you find what it is?