How To Lose Weight According To Your Zodiac Sign!

If you Can’t lose the weight, perhaps it’s because you’re not following your signs needs.

#1 Capricorn
Diet: Eat whole food rather than processed food. The main part of your meal should constitute fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating more of raw salads; instead, go for steamed or baked vegetables. Also, maintain a diary of what you ate throughout the day, for hard working, diligent Capricorns this is important.Keep a track of every little morsel of what you eat, this way you can cut or add types of foods or control portions in your diet.

Exercises: You’ll do best with martial arts or weight training. You need to prove you are disciplined, competent and the master of your own game. Also, Regular, think gym class,exercises are your forte! If possible, every hour stretch your legs or increase your daily activity routine. Go for power yoga, squats, cardio or simple walking.


#2 Aquarius
Diet: Include more of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Green leafy vegetables are full of nutrients that help feed body and build muscles. Include more of dry nuts like almonds, walnuts etc. Food is not just for filling your stomach but also for feeding your brain. Aquarius like to eat ‘what and when-I-like’ so try using olive oil as preferred cooking oil. Skimmed milk, whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, egg slices, mashed potatoes, fruit/vegetable salad, black grapes, apples, cherries, avocado to help your energy level.

Exercise: Skiing, treadmilling, and dancing are excellent calorie burners for you, as well as joining a health club. Lower leg workouts (hopping, skipping, and jumping) are great for the calves, knees and some are even good for thighs.