Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Jennifer Love Hewitt Anymore

#1 Women hate her

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that most women hate Jennifer Love Hewitt. It’s really not about HER. At least, not her as a person. It’s not because she’s hot. It’s not women at large who have a problem with her. To ladies in their late 20s/early 30s, J. Love represents a darker time.

Late 20s to early 30s is an important demographic for Hollywood producers, and taking a risk on an actress who is decidedly unpopular with this age group isn’t worth the gamble when the actress in question seems to rile the ladies on a regular basis. Hewitt is regularly slammed in the celebrity gossip columns, though she has also been accused of being a hypocrite.

In 2008 Hewitt responded to some unflattering paparazzi photos that showed she had gained some weight by making a statement on body image: “To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini. Put it on and stay strong.” It was a sentiment echoed by her female followers…though those same fans were shocked when Hewitt then lost 18 pounds in ten weeks and showed off her new body in a controversial magazine shoot.



#2 The critics hate her, too

Jennifer Love Hewitt, is the worst reviewed actress since 1985, according to a Slate.com analysis of RottenTomatoes.com scores.

So what did she do to deserve this dishonor? The sex symbol starred in the critically panned “Garfield” movies, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.”

While some of these movies were hits commercially speaking, she has never starred in a movie that was deemed “fresh” (scoring above 60 percent) on Rotten Tomatoes, and she has an average of 18.9 percent for all her movies. Sixteen of her feature films have Tomatometer scores, and every single one has been deemed Rotten.

Her latest effort to swap the small screen for the big one came courtesy of 2013’s Jewtopia, a romantic comedy that scored a measly 10 percent and was described as a film that “manages to be offensive to almost everyone, including people who like to laugh at something because it’s funny.” This isn’t her lowest-scoring film, either, with slasher sequel I Still know What You Did Last Summer holding a terrible seven percent approval rating and The Suburbans and Truth About Love both sitting on embarrassing critical goose eggs.


#3 She isn’t profitable

Hewitt’s most successful film in terms of box office return remains the one that shot her to stardom to back in 1997. I Know What You Did Last Summer was put together for an estimated budget of $17 million and returned a massive $72 million from the domestic market alone, with a further $53 million banked overseas. Hoping to see the same margins of profit with the sequel, producers allocated a budget of $65 million, though the writing was on the wall after the first weekend’s receipts amounted to less than $17 million. The film only took $40 million domestically, the first of Hewitt’s many high-profile box-office blunders.

Other bombs include action comedy The Tuxedo, which cost $60 million but only brought in $50 million domestically, and the animated Delgo, which, at the time of release, was officially the worst box office opener in history. The ill-fated fantasy adventure opened in 2,160 theaters and grossed just $511,920, a shocking per-venue average of just $237.