Here’s The Fascinating Reason Why You Occasionally See Things Floating In Your Eyes

Ever experienced a situation where your eyes started acting weird and you started seeing things floating in your eyes? Well, is it a normal phenomena? Checkout why it happens…

Up In The Air

Most of us have witnessed weird worm-like shapes floating in front of our eyes every now and then. It always gives me a jolt and suddenly I forget everything else for a second or sometimes even more. Does it happen to you too? What exactly are these things? Are they just optical illusions that our brain creates or something else?

The answer is right here. They are commonly called as floaters that float up in the air. Read ahead to know what they mean and what they actually are.


Those Shadow Like Things

If you think they are simply an optical illusion, you are wrong. They are no optical illusions. They are created tissues, red blood cells or clumps of protein inside the eye. And the reason we see them is because they create a shadow in the retina.

They are known as Muscae volitantes (Latin for “flying flies”) or mouches volantes (French). They float slowly in front of our eyes because of the refraction of the light that passes through the retina.


The Video

It is a very scientific thing and is very normal. It happens with everyone. Doesn’t it amaze you? I mean, our body is so unique to perform such phenomenal activities! To know more about this, we suggest you watch this video and you’ll have a clearer idea about this.


Here’s the video. take a look…