He Took His Sidechick on Vacation But When He Came Home His Wife Had a “Big Surprise” Waiting

He thought he was being super slick but he was wrong oh so wrong!

#1 Wife Discovers Husband Is Cheating

Laura Arnolds, 42, found out that her husband was cheating and having a steamy affair. How did she figure it out? His cell phone of course. And this made her very, very angry.



#2 Craig Went To New York

Laura’s cheating husband Craig, 44, took his side chick to New York City for a 2-week vacation. But instead of exploding at him in anger, she came up with a plan to get revenge on her cheating husband and destroy him.


#3 Having The Time Of Their Lives

The cheating couple spent time at fancy restaurants, in The Hamptons, at a few Broadway shows, and even in one of the most expensive NY hotels. Sadly, Craig forgot that Laura could check online to see what he was spending, which she did. That’s when she realized that between the phone messages and the tickets and dinners for two, that she would get even.


#4 In For A Huge Shock

When Craig returned home to Nuneaton, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, he was in for the shock of his life! Laura sold their marital home, changed all the locks, and packed her bags and moved out. He found himself sitting outside with six college students inside the house he once owned. Craig was stunned that she was able to pull that off in such a short time span.