Have You Ever Wondered Why Britain Uses Separate Hot And Cold Taps

Have you ever thought what could be the reason behind using taps with separate valves for hot and cold water? Surely, Not and that’s what the post aims to tell you a stomach turning reason behind taps used in the houses of Britain.

The History of The Tap

Tom Scott, a TV presenter, and creator of awesome things took upon himself to find out why British people have hot and cold water taps rather than having a mixer tap. It is surprising to know that British people have been using blender taps in their homes since the 1940s.


Tom has been since then on a Bathroom Project at his parent’s home and has turned out all sorts of ridiculous theories behind the tap usage.


Why Use Blender Taps?

Blender Taps have been an extraordinary development which is normally used by the Britishers these days and there is a significant theory behind the same.

Scott explains that it goes back to how the houses in Britain were constructed after World War II. The houses used to have a tank for cold water with the capacity to grasp about 250 liters of water.


Safe or Unsafe Consumption

The water from the cold storage tank in the attic is used to feed the hot water tank which was for central heating and hot water needed in the bathroom and the kitchen. This water from the hot tank is not completely safe.

In some of the houses, the cold storage tank was not properly maintained making them the house for the elements, or silted up, or covered with iron rust. One of the tanks, in a specific case, also had dead rats floating in it.Such water can be used for other purposes but the regulations states that cannot be consumed as drinking water.



Two Taps Usage

The cold water that comes straight from the mains is counted as drinkable but the hot water may not be technically safe. Hence, there are two taps delivering both kinds of water, one for drinking purpose and other can be consumed for various purposes.

In modern houses, there are no tanks in the attic and hence a boiler is present which provides hot water on demand.



Tom Scott Explanation

Look at below video and hear the tap theory from Tom Scott