Girl Rants On Facebook About The Military Then Gets Destroyed by Veteran

Some people just don’t think before they act. This girl didn’t do any thinking at all when she decided to run her mouth off about the military. But, she got what she deserved.
First off, the girl probably thought she was going to be anonymous when she ran her mouth. But, she soon learns that the military can read Facebook profiles and check out everything you have to say about your life. So, she gets destroyed in just a matter of minutes after posting her shitty opinion.

It appears, this girl gets a lot of military coming to her coffee stand and hitting on her. So, she decided to let them know that she can’t stand the military. She doesn’t think they’re educated or that they have life goals. She thinks they lack motivation in life because they have nothing better to do. So, she doesn’t want to date anyone in the military. She wants someone who actually has goals.

It’s hysterical that she misspelled education. If you’re going to talk about someone’s lack of intelligence, you can’t spell it “educaton.” Also, you shouldn’t make any other spelling or grammar errors like “lifes.” But, it’s also important to have your life together when you start talking about someone else’s.

Three minutes later, Steve replies to Claire’s update status and owns her. You’ll love how he totally destroys every ounce of her status and her life. But, the girl must have gone somewhere because she either yanked the update status down or her whole page. That part is unclear.

Read what this military man has to say about this RANT that makes no sense.


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