9 Genius And Simple Urban Design Ideas Every City Must Follow

The fast paced urban life has millions of problems of its own. The days are stressful and often we look for alternatives that can provide mental peace. Imagine after going through an exhausting schedule, when you walk out to find a place to sit in the lapse of nature but your search goes for some extra miles, everything has turned into a puddle.

Keeping in mind the continuous development happening across the world, designers are booked to make designs that ensure a pleasant and comfortable city life.

These designs are simple and are the result of a good amount of creativity. Here we have compiled a list of some brilliant ideas.


Piano Stairs

That looks to be a brilliant idea to motivate people to use stairs rather than elevators or escalators. Of course, there is so much fun involved when it comes to composing your own music.


A Bench or A Flower Bed

An amazing idea to bring nature in the middle of the city.


While you can sit and relax on the bench if you are tired, the design also serves as a nature bed with a variety of plantations grouped together.



Wi-Fi which is Eco-Friendly

While you enjoy in the lapse of nature, this eco-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot design also ensures that you remain connected to the internet.


Reflective Fencing

The change in the season getting reflected in a fashion that the whole fencing gets covered with the same pattern as on the ground.


The Path that Glows

We are sure you will love to cycle around in the night if there are such glow-in-dark biking paths designed in the city.


A Rolling Bench

Imagine you need to walk more to find a place to sit because it might have rained then and now. This rolling bench is a masterpiece that can be turned to other side and you can use the dry side of same for seating.


Smart Ideas by IBM

IBM has come up with nice staircase, bench and shelter ideas to make you feel comfortable even when you are out of your home.


Work Outside

That’s an amazing concept to get people working while sitting outside in a park. Nobody would then like working from home.


Flowers or Chairs


These tulips can easily be turned into chairs and they do not cover too much of space.


If you find any smart designs across your city, do share with us in the comments.