Fired McDonald’s Employee Reveals Restaurant Secrets

Everything You Want to Know But Are Too Scared to Ask

How fresh are the burgers? Does McDonald’s hire just about anybody? What’s in the Big Mac sauce? Is it hard to work there?

There are hundreds of McDonald’s secrets that the general public is blissfully unaware of. The things you’re about to find out will shock, anger, and maybe even disgust you. From the mild to the wild, here are all the dirty little secrets of McDonald’s.
#1 The most annoying part of working at McDonald’s is customers who take a long time ordering.
Can’t decide what you want? Then wait until your ready to approach the counter. The people working the registers can’t stand indecisive customers, and more so, the people behind you aren’t going to like you either.


#2 When food is cooked it’s set under a warmer for a set amount of time.
Even if that time runs out, the food can be sold if it looks okay. How freshly cooked was your sandwich? It depends on what time of day it is whether or not it’s been under a heat lamp for a while. If you want something fresh, make a “grill order” — altering an item from its original recipe. Ask for no pickles or no onions on your burger and they’ll have to make it from scratch.