10 Common Fashion Mistakes Girls Make On Their First Date!

Let’s face it. No date is special unless you actually dress up for it. While first dates are merely the first step to knowing a new partner, your clothes go a very long way in making the right first impression. So if you too are heading for your first date, here are 10 fashion mistakes you should never make.

#1 Too Much Shimmer :

Unless you are heading out for a cocktail or a wedding, keep the shimmer away. Let the look be understated and let your confidence shine through instead.


#2 Keep The Makeup Light And Heels Low :

Most men don’t like very loud makeup on women, and high heels can be distracting. They also increase your chances of tripping up. Keep your bridal makeup and tall heels aside. Dress for the occasion and keep it simple.


#3 But Don’t Be An Aunty Either :

Even if you want to cover yourself up or you prefer Indian wear more, don’t go all traditional. Adding a little glam or quirk is necessary to create interest on your first date.