Do You Know Why Most Disney Characters Have No Mothers?

Generations may pass but the legend that is Walt Disney and his legacy will remain for all time to come. As long as there will be children, there will always be a cartoon to make them laugh, and invariably that cartoon will be a Disney!! For the current generation including the old, Disney cartoons have a memorable and nostalgic place in each ones heart. The escapades of Tom and Jerry, the adventures of Mowgli and the cute Mickey Mouse will always be a hit.

Although the man is long gone, have you ever wondered what lurked behind that face of a man who always made people laugh? Did you ever notice that amongst all his cartoon feature films, he invariably chose one whose central character has no mother? Do you know what was Disney’s tragic secret?

#1 How many Disney characters can you think of and how many had moms?


From Cinderella to Ariel the little mermaid and Pocahontas, all had no moms. Take Pinocchio, he had a father Geppetto who was single. Mowgli had no mother and neither did Tarzan. Snow White too never had a mom and neither did Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

#2 Some characters were orphans like Aladdin

Aladdin and Snow white were both orphans and that’s what skeptics prefer to believe but if you think of it, the princess jasmine? Again no mom!! Her father was the Sultan who has no wife in the story.

If you’re thinking and presuming a reason, well there is and a very tragic one at that. You see, for all his amazing prowess in creating a world of fairy tale and laughter, Walt Disney was a victim of tragic circumstances involving none other than his mother. That was Disney’s tragic secret.