DNA Test Says She’s Not The Mother, Then Mom Finds Out She’s Her Own Twin

We all know sometimes DNA tests can screw you up!

She gave birth to three precious children, we all know how painful birth is and no mother wants to hear that she’s not the mother when she actually is. Lydia Fairchild never questioned her maternity. What mother would after carrying a child for nine months?

When Fairchild separated from her children’s father, Jamie Townsend. The court had to carry out DNA tests to grant child authority/support to the mother,

The DNA test results of her two children showed that Townsend was indeed their dad. Shockingly, it said that Fairchild was not the mother.She refused to accept this, but numerous DNA tests showed the same thing: She was not the mother.


There were two possibilities either her children were each switched at birth or Fairchild had kidnapped her babies. The mother knew neither instance was true.

During the birth of her third child she was closely monitored at the hospital. Soon after, a DNA test concluded she was not the mother. Everyone wondered how was this even possible?

She wanted to fight for her children but how? there was nothing above DNA tests.