Distressed Bride Is Going Crazy On Her Wedding Day. Then Doctor Spots Something Strange

I’m sure we all have crazy wedding stories to share, but nothing beats this one.
Everything was working out as expected on Kelly’s big day, yet then something unusual happened to the lady of the hour. Hours before her huge day, Kelly began acting delusional which provoked the family to make a surprising pit stop at the local doctor’s facility.


At the hospital, Dr. Edward Panacek of Sacramento screened the terrified bride yet couldn’t make sense of the reason for her pain until he found something disturbing…

After entering the hospital, Kelly’s mom told Dr. Panacek that her girl was experiencing hallucinations and anxiety.
The family accepted Kelly was simply shaken up from the prospect of getting married, yet that wasn’t the situation.


Whatever was causing her strange behaviors, the unhinged mother of the bride of the hour thought Kelly had gone insane.

The mother was requiring a specialist to assess her, however Dr. Panacek didn’t think it was a psychiatric issue by any stretch of the imagination…

Exactly when things were escaping hand, Dr. Panacek requested that Kelly keep still while he inspected the back of her scalp.

“My suspicions were confirmed,” he said.

What Dr. Panacek discovered behind Kelly’s scalp was alarming.

The real reason behind the bride’s strange behavior was a botfly larva that was growing in the lesion of her scalp.
As to how the botfly larvae got there, Kelly had gotten mosquito bites while on her bachelorette party in Costa Rica.

She covered the scab with petroleum jelly, which sealed in the larvae causing her all sorts of problem. But there wasn’t just one larva in Kelly’s scalp… there were multiple.


Well, that’s quite a unique story to read about. I just hope Kelly made it to her wedding on time.