All Grown Up! Do You Recognize These Former Disney Stars

The big black mouse has been hand-delivering the sexiest talent of tomorrowland for decades, and we’re very grateful. Here’s a list of a latest crop, all trying to make a name for themselves, all stunningly beautiful. Check out who’s traded in their mouse ears for high heels and mini skirts!

#1 Miley Cyrus Then and Now

Miley, Miley, Miley…if Mickey Mouse could see you now, what would he say? Remember when you were just Hannah Montanta?

It’s too bad Disney’s copyright laws are so strict, otherwise Miley’d be riding through her concerts naked atop of an inflatable Goofy.


#2 Selena Gomez Then and Now

Selena Gomez has come a long way from her Barney beginnings…

She may be a Disney princess, but she’s definitely worked hard to get where she is now. We’ll see if Selena’s career continues to fill out on the silver screen, or on the radio waves.


#3 Bella Thorne Then and Now

Bella Thorne lets you know she’s pretty right off the bat – it’s in her name for goodness sake. But who could’ve guessed she grow up to be so bellisimo…

Thorne’s Disney days were spent on the set of Shake It Up on which she played a dyslexic dancer, but now the Irish/Cuban/Italian beauty is just about to drop her solo album, so get ready.