Disgusting Things Women Do That They’ll Never Admit To

#1 They Look In The Toilet

Everyone looks in the toilet – so stop being judgmental. But girls do it for different reasons than guys. Guys do it to see what came out of their rear ends, but girls are more interested in the front. Cloudy urine can be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Seeing blood can be a relief when a girl is nervous about getting her period. Analyzing used tampons can tell a girl how much longer she can expect her cycle to last. And then there’s always the chance a toilet baby can come out – just watch any episode of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”


#2 They Don’t Wash Their Bras

A bra from Victoria’s Secret costs about $50, and they are usually hand wash only. So, it’s no surprise that girls don’t wash their bras. They don’t want the bother of hand washing lingerie, but at the same time they are fearful to put it in the washing machine and dryer because it’ll get worn out too quickly. Since girls want to get their money’s worth, they just keep wearing and wearing the same bra. They even keep it in the same draw with the clean ones. Once the bra gets nasty, they still won’t wash it – that’s what Febreeze is for!


#3 They Improvise Feminine Hygiene Products

One thing that will always separate men and women is menstruation. Women deal with this little inconvenience every 28 days. So one would think they’d be prepared, right? Wrong. They often find themselves without the necessary equipment, and have to improvise. The most common thing they will do is wad up a bunch of toilet paper and stick it in their undies. But if they need something more absorbent, they will get creative and use a sock or even some cotton balls. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Other girls are just plain cheap and don’t like paying $8 a box for name brand tampons. So, they come up with unique ways to make their own, like rolling up soft baby booties or using Styrofoam cups. There are actually DIY videos on this stuff!