Girl Shuts Down Horny Guy After Date From Hell

Online dating serves as a best place for singles to meet a person who share similar thought process. While getting know the person online, you may feel that the person you speaking to is decent, however when people they meet each other, the person may not sound the same as they were while being online.

This girl refused to make out with a guy after their and the kind of comments she got were really insane. A friend of this post this on social media, take a look on how nasty someone can get:

#1 They Had A Good Time Together And Were Having A Chat After Their First Date
It’s quite obvious from their conversation that the guy wanted to make out with this woman however the girl wasn’t interested in it. Well it is quite possible for a man to react similarly if he has been rejected for what he was seeking, but this guy has taken it too far. Notice he misspell the word ‘than as then’.


#2 Talking About Ego
This guy forgot that girl is maintaining her calm and it’s him who is getting so egoistic and is unable accept a rejection.