17 Dads Who Should Be Banned From Facebook

I don’t know why people bother to add their parents on Facebook. I did, and I’ve been regretting it for years. I mean, your mum isn’t so bad, because as far as I’m aware mothers never actually bother to read anything their kids post and appear to use Facebook as an elaborate method of exchanging captioned images of those little yellow minion things from Despicable Me.

You could post an image of yourself, butt-naked, driving a flaming car down a hill into a frozen lake, and I guarantee that your mom would still just type: “So proud of you sweetheart! Still can’t believe my little baby is driving! Love from me xoxoxox.”


But as cringeworthy as mums are, they’ve got nothing on dads. Mums want to care, Dad’s want to be funny. If your dad makes a quip underneath a profile picture, it doesn’t matter who you are: you’re finished. You could have more control over your social media account than Beyoncé with her 800 publicists and spin doctors, but if you allow Dad to make a cheeky comment that’ll appear on your newsfeed then you’ve basically just committed social suicide.

Bearing that unfortunate axiom in mind, we’ve compiled a list of Dads so hilariously awkward that we fervently wish Mark Zuckerberg would personally delete their accounts and throw their laptops into the sea. Check them out if you dare.

1. The puns… oh God the puns