Creepy Ghost Photos That Are Sure To Give You Nightmares

Despite how brave you believe you might be, everybody has one thing that shakes them to their core. This could be a common phobia, such as a fear of spiders or heights, or perhaps it’s the fear of something supernatural that makes you shudder every time.

If it’s ghosts and ghouls that scare you, then these creepy photos will seem positively nightmarish. These images are some of the spookiest, eeriest we’ve ever seen, but somehow it’s impossible to look away
#1 Hampton Court Palace in Greater London
Hampton Court Palace is famous for its ghosts, but there’s never been any hard evidence—only eyewitness sightings. That is, until 2003, when a ghost dubbed ‘Skeletor’ popped up on the palace’s CCTV…%image_alt%

In the early 1500s, Hampton Court was built by Cardinal Wolsey for King Henry VIII and became the king’s favourite residence. Probably its most famous ghost is Katherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife, and it was at Hampton Court that he was told about Katherine’s infidelity. Unlike Anne Boleyn, the first of Henry’s wives to lose her head, Katherine is generally considered guilty of doing the dirty deed behind the king’s back.