Couples Who Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Yes, we’ve all felt the pain of an untimely breakup, and we understand that rather than sit around in our pajamas, moping and eating copious amounts of ice cream, sometimes you just want to (for lack of a better phrase) exact sweet, sweet revenge on their asses. These are people that did just that: After a bad breakup, they didn’t lounge around feeling sorry for themselves. Instead, they took action in creative, hilarious, and sometimes disturbing ways. Like the old saying goes, hell hath no fury like a lover scorned, and these are the photos that prove it.

#1. When he can’t stop hitting her where it hurts.

This guy is expressing how he feels to his wife in the most unexpected way — imagine having to say this every time you access your account.


#2. This guy knows how to be petty.

In fact, he should probably start a school for pettiness that we can all enroll in.