Couple Finds Rubbery Rock On Beach, Doesn’t Realize It’s Worth Hundreds Of Thousands

When Gary and Angela Williams was taking a romantic stroll along Middleton Sands beach near Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, U.K., they discovered a waxy, rubbery rock that smelled like a mixture of vomit and manure. They were disgusted to see it, but still, they took it along because their curiosity to what it could be! Little did they know, that the worth of rock could be more than the same weight of gold!


Later, it was found that the stinky, nasty lump which they found on the shore was actually whale vomit, called as ambergris and is heavily treasured among eminent perfume producers in the world. The ball of whale vomit which they found weighed 3.46 lbs and its size was nearly the size of an American football.


When they found more about it, it was revealed that back in 2013, a man who was walking around the same location with his dog also found ambergris after his dog went crazy over it! According to an eminent news portal,  it weighed half the size of Gary and Angela’s rock and was sold for around $171,000.

Why is it so much sought after?

We’re sure you might be wondering why whale vomit could hold such importance? Well, actually, Ambergris develops a sweet, earthy aroma as it ages, which is why it’s so rare and highly sought after among the perfume producers of the world. You might have noticed that Chanel No. 5 actually uses ambergris as an ingredient in the perfume.


Biologist’s speak about Ambergris

According to known biologists, the whale vomit consists of hardened intestinal mush from a sperm whale and can take several years to form. It is also believed that ambergris  actually protects whales form the rigid and sharp objects  which it eats. While revealing about why it is so heavily priced, they told us that it is because “only one percent of the 350,000 sperm whales can actually make it.” And this is why it is very rare!

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