Controversial Events That Should Be Banned

 Cultural events and traditions are meant to bring communities closer together, but sometimes those events become controversial and even dangerous as time passes by. Dog racing, bullfighting, and sorority initiations are all such traditions that have become outdated because they are controversial and dangerous. Just because something has always been done, does not mean it should continue, especially if it is harmful and shocking.

#1 Greyhound Racing

Since first established in 1912, live hares were used to get the greyhounds to chase it around a track, and race to capture and kill it. Britain began using a mechanical hare on a track instead of a live one but the dogs still needed a reason to chase the bunny. Live-baiting is the practice of using piglets, rabbits, and possums for the dogs to chase while training. Once they catch the small animals, they kill them. By the time the greyhound is six years old he is considered too old to race, and is often euthanized.


#2 Fraternity & Sorority Initiations

Becoming a pledge at a sorority or fraternity when entering college is a great experience for freshmen students. But that’s just the first step. Once a new pledge is accepted by the fraternity they are taught the secret rules of the group and sworn to secrecy. But the biggest secret of all is, HAZING. It’s prohibited by law in most places but most colleges and universities do little to stop it because it’s how things have always been done and the staff themselves have most likely been a part of such acts in their college days.

The hazing acts, which are a form of initiation into the group, can range from simple pranks to humiliation, to criminal misconduct all for the ‘privilege’ of joining a group. Many recent cases of hazing in the past few years have resulted in physical harm to pledges and even death.