College Student Matches On Tinder With Professor, Offers Teacher Sex For Grades

College teachers are using Tinder now?! I love it! A wild story is going viral on social media today. A college student from West Virginia matched with his college professor on Tinder.

This one involves a West Virginia college professor, Tinder, and a college student. I’ll give you the rundown of this mayhem, LOL. It’s one of the reasons why I typically suggest people use more risque hook up apps versus traditional swipe right dating apps like Tinder.


#2.This male student matched with his professor on Tinder. The professor’s first name is Margaret. Guess what this student did once they connected Tinder? You guess it! He offered to fuck her for a perfect grade.


#3.In a tweet on Thursday, @lowkeylean posted a photo of his teacher Margaret’s Tinder bio (in case you were wondering, she’s a 36-year-old mother of two who’s also a fan of Game of Thrones). In the same tweet was another photo of him messaging Margaret on Tinder, reminding her: “Hey I’m in your Wednesday lecture lol.” Once she acknowledged she knew who he was, he went for the kill, writing “I’ll d**k you down for an A in class,” followed by the eggplant emoji. Can’t get much more direct than that.

She was a bit taken back but then she gave him the wink and said that she stays late on Friday to grade papers. She gave him the green light to stop by and see her. Perhaps he’s going to be getting some scholarly pussy.

#4.Here’s proof of a Tweet he made about the whole thing.


After it looked like Margaret was about to curve him, or even worse call his parents or something, she answered. In a follow up tweet, @lowkeylean wrote, “I legit deleted my account for good” with a screenshot of the updated conversation. Margaret had told him she stayed late to grade papers on Fridays and invited him to pass by with a flirty winking emoji.


Some Twitter users praised @lowkeylean, calling him “legendary,” while others jokingly scolded him for passing up the chance to stay after class with Margaret. If the Internet has taught us anything recently, it’s to not believe everything you see—so as good as this story is, remember it might just be fake. When Wizelo reached out to the seven women who wished the same man a happy National Boyfriend Day, most of the women told Wizelo it was a joke between friends, while one woman said it wasn’t a joke at all.

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I would put money on this guy being the sort of person who actually bought into Tinder’s new feature.

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Wizelo reached out to @lowkeylean, who said that the whole exchange was a hoax that he created in order to go viral.