9 Signs That Prove You Have The Coolest Girlfriend Ever

Over the last few years, our patriarchal society has evolved positively. It is a healthy sign, because it not only puts the fairer sex in a comfortable position, in which they are not just restricted to their homes, but it also promotes and supports equality in true sense. Not many years ago, relationships were defined and limited by the rule-book of male chauvinism. Males were expected to work and earn money, while the females were limited, or rather restricted, to home chores. Males were given absolute freedom. Females were caged by the society’s protocols and laws. It was perfectly okay, if a guy used to act ‘cool’ in a relationship, but a girl was always expected to be ‘homely’ or ‘shy’.

#1 She loves you for who you are
Love is not about changing yourself for someone. If she loves you for who you are, and she accepts you, along with your flaws and imperfections, then she is indeed the best girl for you. At the same time, if you think you can work on some of your own flaws, for the betterment of your relationship, nothing better than that. But forcing someone to change his/her habits, likes, and interests, is not what true love’s all about.


#2 She understands that you have your own friends and family too
If your girlfriend understands the fact that before meeting her, or before getting into relationship with her, you had your own life – your family, your friends, and your work, and you still have your family, your friends, and work, and she doesn’t demands the entire 24 hours of your day, then she is really the girl for you. Moreover, if she gets along well with your family and friends, and loves spending time with them, she is certainly the coolest


#3 She Is least bothered about your past
Let’s face it… almost all of us have past(s). Almost every one of us have been through breakups. It is like the ‘Chair Theory’ explained by the character played by ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ in the Bollywood movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ – we all try different chairs, till we get the perfect one. So, it is absolutely okay if you had someone in the past. And, if your girlfriend is cool about it, and never nags about it, then you are a one lucky guy. Love her like anything, and never break her heart.


#4 She makes you laugh
Life becomes much easier to live if we have someone who can make us smile and laugh, especially when the things are not going good for us, either professionally or personally. Life is short, and it is important to live every moment to the fullest. If your girlfriend can fill your life with the vibrant hues of smiles and laughter, then don’t let her go at any cost

#5 She accepts and respects your inidual interests
Love is not about binding someone with what you like. It is about respecting your partner’s interests too.

Marry her if she discusses with you about Messi and Ronaldo, or Kohli and Tendulkar. Marry her if she watches your favourite sitcoms with you. Marry her if she accompanies you to the stadium, to watch your favourite sport. And not just sports, if you have certain hobbies like dancing, singing, writing etc., marry her if she shows interest in your hobbies too. But, make sure you respect her interests and hobbies too.


#6 She doesn’t prolong the fight
A major portion of our life, at least one-third in most cases, is spent in finding that most special person with whom we are willing to spend the remainder of our life. Therefore, it is not worth it to waste even a second of those remaining years in fights and arguments. Yes, fights and arguments happen. But, there is no point in dragging it. If your girlfriend, while arguing, doesn’t pick up a topic, which was buried long ago in the past, and patches up quickly, then she is indeed the coolest one. Make sure you, too, keep the argument short and sweet.

#7 She listens to you
Our delicate hearts experience varied emotions. Sometimes we are ecstatic; other times, we are too upset. Sometimes we are excited; others, we are confused. There are times when we don’t need anyone’s suggestions or advice. We just want someone to listen to us. And if your girlfriend is that person, she is indeed the perfect match for you.

#8 She supports you like a best friend
There is nothing better than finding your partner and best friend in one person. There are times when you are not feeling lovey-dovey, but you need someone who can guide you, support you, motivate you, and be there for you in thick and thin. That someone is your best friend, and if your girlfriend is your best friend as well, then you are truly blessed.


#9 She can share her own sorrows and happiness with you
All of us have very limited people in our lives with whom we are comfortable enough to share our feelings. If your girlfriend can share her happiness, sorrow, excitement, disappointment and frustration with you, then she is truly honest with you. She hides nothing from you, and is comfortable enough to tell you everything she is going through. Honesty is one of the coolest ingredients of a successful relationship

And, of course, apart from all these signs, you know that she loves you truly.

It is not necessary that she should possess all these qualities. But if you have a girlfriend who perfectly understands that ‘Prince Charming’ exists only in stories, and accepts your positives and negatives equally, and who is there to listen to you and support you, when you need a best friend, and who loves you truly, with all her honesty, then consider yourself lucky, and treat her like a princess.