Can You Guess Which Body Type Women Are Most Attracted To According To Science?

You might not believe it. Believe me, I didn’t believe it at first. I mean the first guy is so fit and the last guy is so toned. How could they go for the middle. Well, now I’m sold.

Men who have the so-called “dad bod” are more attractive to the opposite sex and are better at passing on their genes than their leaner counterparts, scientists are claiming.

According to Richard Bribiescas, professor of anthropology and deputy provost at Yale University, putting on a little weight after fatherhood prolongs lives and strengthens immune systems.

Pudgier men are less likely to suffer from heart attacks and prostate cancer, according to Bribiescas. While a study in 2008 states that men with high metabolisms were around 50% more likely to die in a given year than those with a lower level.

Bribiescas also argues that chunkier men are more likely to invest their time in children and not other women, which makes them more attractive to women.
Dad bods have become all the rage recently.

These are bodies that pack on a little extra weight around the midsection.