22 Of The Most Terrifying Beauty Horror Stories

what you are about to see is extremely Terrifying. These are the most horrifying Beauty Horror Stories that you will ever read. This collection of 22 beauty horror stories shared by BuzzFeed Community. Here are their stories.
#1 The hot comb horror.

“I used to use a hot comb in the morning to straighten my natural nappy hair so a friend could cornrow it at school. One particular morning, I let that comb get TOO HOT and as it went through the front of my hair, my hair straight turned to ASH and fell right on the sink. And it was a good chunk of the front too! I had to sport bandanas and headbands for a while then shaved my head for prom. Twenty years later, I still shudder at that day!”
—Trey Haliburton, Facebook

#2 No lip luck.

“I had my upper lip waxed the day before starting a new job. My skin had some kind of weird reaction to the wax and for the first week of work I had huge red blisters all around my mouth. Pretty sure everyone thought I had oral herpes.”
—Sara Faith Reichert, Facebook