Border Collie Found Orphaned Kitten and Won’t Leave Her Side

A Border Collie pup found a kitten den during a walk with her human mom. She has been guarding and protecting the little surviving calico since.

#1 Meet Otter Pop the kitten and Bunny the pup.

Heather (of HeatherKitty) was out walking her pup Bunny when her dog started sniffing aggressively. That’s when she noticed a litter of kittens.

The cat mother was nowhere to be found. She believes that the Mom had abandoned the litter.



#2 “Only one kitten was still alive,”

As an animal lover who has three cats of her own, Heather knew exactly what the kitten needed to survive – food and warmth. After filling up her belly, she carefully wrapped up the kitten in a soft towel.


#3 Little Otter Pop fell asleep in her warms.

Soon the bond between the kitten and the pup started to form.