A Major Big Bang Theory Cast Member Is Planning To Leave

Whether you are personally a fan of the show or not, there is little denying that The Big Bang Theory has been a huge success. Running for over 200 episodes, the series is looking to enter its 11th season in the upcoming year, but they may be doing so without a major character.

Kaley Cuoco has said in a past interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, that 10 seasons is enough for the series, as well as adding “It’s a lot of hair. That’s a lot of denim sizes. I went from like hot to like 30 [years old]. The guys look exactly the same. I’m the only one that’s changed. They’ve worn the same t-shirts this entire time.”

This wouldn’t be enough on its own, but now more reports are starting to come out that Cuoco is also unhappy with the storyline centering around Howard and Bernadette’s pregnancy.

As you can imagine is the case in Hollywood, money is also reportedly a factor as to why Cuoco may be stepping away from the series. The series was delayed in the 8th season over salary negotiations, but it’s hard to imagine Cuoco is too unhappy with her (as well as Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki‘s) salary that pays them $1 million an episode.

In comparison, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar make $750,000 an episode, whereas Melissa Raunch and Mayim Bialik earn $100,000.

In honor of the 10 seasons she has been with the show, we’ve included 10 of her sauciest moments on the series so far!
#1. Getting a Good Stretch On

#2.Checking Out Her Dress