18 People Who Quit Their Jobs In The Best Way Possible

A list of some of the most memorable ways employees have ever quit their jobs. Have you ever spent a bad day at work fantasizing of all the clever, confrontational, and classic ways to say “take this job and shove it?” Have you ever daydreamed about the look on your boss’s face if only you could deliver the quitting speech of your dreams? Well get ready to live vicariously through a group of folks who actually did what most disgruntled workers only dream of.

#1. This Tech Guy Showed His Bosses the Error of Their Ways

Though unidentified, the tech guy who created this error message will doubtless go down in history for his epic resignation. After finally decided he’d had enough, the witty web designer put his skills to good use, even giving his employers a tongue in cheek second chance with a “renegotiate” button.



#2. When is a BRB Sign Not a BRB Sign?

As you can see from the sign they left behind, this was not the day to mess with this employee. Unfortunately, the corners their boss attempted to cut do not appear to have been worth it. Let this be a lesson to frugal business owners everywhere.



#3. Behold! Karma at Its Finest

Sometimes a boss who abuses their power actually gets what’s coming to them. The three employees who wrote this had enough and decided to give karma a little shove in the right direction, apparently closing up shop in the middle of the day.