Baby Born To Man Who Was A Woman, Who Got Pregnant By Woman Who Was A Man

Transgender man Fernando Machado fell pregnant by transgender womanMr Machado – born a woman – gave birth to couple’s first child in June.He fell pregnant by Diane Rodriguez – who was born a man – last year.The couple have now revealed that they want to expand their brood.

They are the couple who made history last year when the transgender ‘father’ fell pregnant by the trans ‘mother’.

And now, four months after giving birth to their first child, Fernando Machado – who was born a woman – and his partner Diane Rodriguez – who was born a man – have revealed they want to expand their family.


The new parents, from Ecuador, have opened up about life with their new baby after becoming the first transgender couple to fall pregnant in South America.

‘We are the same as other families. Even though we might not have the same rights, we’re the same,’ Mr Machado, who gave birth in June, told the BBC.