16 Awkward Prom Pictures That Will Make You Cringe

Let’s be honest, prom is so overrated. Yes, it’s worth celebrating that you have finished your school and are now ready to face the world as a young adult. But is it really necessary for parents to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the outfits, limousine, and gifts?

Graduating high school is a small blip in comparison to a much bigger and fulfilled life. Yet teens and their families treat this special time as an Oscar-worthy moment. No expenses are spared to ensure their precious teens have the best night of their lives so far on this earth.

As we look back to our prom photos, we realize how young and awkward we looked. It didn’t matter if you were the school’s football star or the most popular girl, most of these photos are cringeworthy. Just when you think you need to burn your own pics, you may want to pause and see some are much worse than others.

Keep that image in mind while you scroll through these hilarious and embarrassing prom photos.

Take a look.
#1 That’s a great date you have there.
She had high expectations for her prom date like a guy who travels through time.

When you can’t get the real Doctor Who, how about a print out of him?


#2 Why so serious?
When her dress and his matching tie colour are just not enough for a great photo.

Perhaps mom and dad didn’t have time to wait for this man to walk past them.