Guy Photoshops Himself Into Daily Lives Of Celebrities, Hates Every Second Of It (10+ Pics)

Average Rob is everyone’s best friend through good, bad and mostly awkward times.
All we can say is that Rob’s unglamorous relationships with celebrities are surprisingly relatable. They’re human after all!

#1 What The Hell Did I Sign Up For Again?!


#2 When I’m Passed Out On A Bus, Eminem Keeps Me Warm


#3 When Brangelina Broke Up, I Died With Them


#4 Moments Before I Got Fired…


#5 When You’ve Got The Shittiest Job At The White House…


#6 When You Hate The People You Work For


#7 When Taytay Plays, She Doesn’t Clean Up…


#8 When Selena And I Eat Mexican Food, We’re Out Of TP


#9 When I Passed Out On A Couch, Mila Took Advantage


#10 When Katy Does A Shoot At A Barn, Animals Attack Me…


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