This Is Why I Do Not Use Amazon πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

No problems with online shopping but what if…


Shopping on Amazon is great because you can pretty much get anything you want and shop in your underwear without security asking you to leave β€” again.
But shopping online really evokes that whole “buyer beware” thing in that you have to trust that what you see is what you get, as comedian Emily Heller quickly found out.

She ordered two new doormats on Amazon late last month, opting to buy from a third-party seller to score a great deal. Here’s a look at the listing and description.

Looks good. Positive ratings. What could possibly go wrong?


#2 Well, this is what she received β€” two photos of doormats glued to two pieces of foam.

To clarify, she got pictures of doormats and not actual doormats.


#3 When she realized she was the new owner of two pictures of doormats, she contacted the seller for a refund and got this:

β€œThey claimed it was a photo resolution problem and offered me a partial refund,” she said.
Umm…not so much.