Dad Threatened His Teen Daughter’s Boyfriend In The Best Way Possible

Kids are the apples of their parents’ eyes!

Parents can do anything for their children. Sometimes, their efforts are worth it while there are times when their efforts turn out to be quite funny. Whatever happens they never feel embarrassed and never take a back seat when things concern the well-being of their children. They go to any extent to make see their children happy.

‘Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you’
Wisconsin is all smiles and praises for this dad who posed for a funny picture with his daughter’s boyfriend.

Schock and her family
Sharee Schock is a professional photographer from Bangor and has 4 kids. Schock mentioned in reports that her husband Benjamin is big-hearted and loves humor. The family is quite close-knit and Benjamin is protective about his daughter. The pictures indicate the love and support in the family.

Ricarra and her boyfriend
The mom was actually taking pics of her beautiful daughter alongwith her boyfriend, before Ricarra’s dad decided to photobomb!