A Mom Is Warning Everyone To Check Their Receipts After Making A Disturbing Find On Hers

The waitress at this restaurant had a pretty good scheme going until someone actually noticed what she was doing with her customer’s receipts.

#1 A Family Night Out

If you’re a busy mom then you probably enjoy a night out with the kids for a hassle free dinner. At least you don’t have to worry about what to cook and who prefers only certain foods, and you can actually relax a bit.


#2 Kid-Friendly

A lot of restaurants cater to children, and can be lots of fun for the entire family. If you can find a place that has everything your kids like to eat, and maybe even an arcade, you’re all set for the evening. Hopefully you wont have to duck from flying chicken fingers and fries.


#3 Whitney And Family

Whitney, a waitress, had taken her family out to dinner one night where she didn’t have to cook or serve anyone, and everything was going great. They had been there before so the children knew exactly what to order and what to expect. Whitney knew how much things normally cost and what to expect for her final bill as well.