A Drunk Nurse Switched Two Babies At Birth And The Parents Didn’t Realize Until 10 Years Later!

#1 In 1994, a French woman, just 18 years old, named Sophie Serrano gave birth to a daughter.

However, as her marriage dissolved almost a decade later, she learned from a paternity DNA test that neither she nor her husband were the biological parents of the girl they had raised as their own.
The details are almost too insane to believe, and another family had to learn out of nowhere that the child they raised wasn’t their own either.
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#2 Sophie’s daughter, who was born with jaundice, was placed next to another baby in an incubator.

However, an intoxicated nurse with a history of alcoholism accidentally swapped the two infants.
For a brief second, the young mom felt something was amiss, but she put the feeling aside as she took her new daughter home.
The daughter’s name was Manon.