9 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

We daily use many household items but very rarely, we know about the symbols and tricks associated with them which can make our life a lot easier. These can be anything like headphones, beer bottle caps, aluminum foil wrap etc.

Let us take a look on some of these items and gain more knowledge about them.

Code on a Makeup Bottle

Pick any makeup product that you use and behind you will see a container symbol with words, 6M, 12M or 24M mentioned inside. These numbers tell the shell life of the product and you can easily keep track of the expiry date of the product you are going to use.


Hole Between Lens and Flash on iPhone

Just turn your new iPhone and at the back, you will see a small hole between the lens and the flash. That is an inbuilt microphone and if you are taking a video it helps to record sound when the back of your phone is facing whatever you want to record.


Metal Plate on Stapler

If you rotate the plate on the bottom of your stapler it will actually bend the staples out rather than in. That’s an easy way to pull out the staples out of the paper.


The Cover of an Exacto Knife

Everyone knows that if the blade of an Exacto knife gets dull you just need to snap off the dull part to get another sharpened layer. What you might not know if that there is a thin groove on the cover where you can put the dull blade and snap it off safely.


Tabs on Aluminum Foil or Wrap Box

Some wrap boxes have a little punch in tabs on the ends that hold the foil rolls in the box and prevent the roll from popping out as you rip off a piece.


The 57 on the Heinz Ketchup Bottle

That’s actually a sweet spot on the bottle. If you are facing a hard time getting ketchup out of the bottle, simply tap the bottle right on the number 57 and it will come out.


Hole At The End of A Lollipop Stick

The hole is actually there so that little bit of candy melts into the hole and holds the candy on the lollipop firmly.


The Plastic Under Bottle Lid

The plastic in the bottle lid keeps the contents of the bottle from going flat. It holds the gases inside the bottle.


The Two Lines on a Headphone Jack

Those two lines are the wires that lead to the left and right speakers. Without these lines, you will be able to hear in one ear only.