9 Details We Never Noticed On “Friends”

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is an iconic cult sitcom which had its viewers hooked for almost 10 years. The story line revolved around these six friends living in Manhattan, who experience comfort and companionship with each other and their journey, as they indulge in many adventures.

In spite of the fact that the final episode was aired 13 years ago, there are still some die hard fans of the show, who try to catch the reruns being aired time and again. So let us check out some details from FRIENDS which even the keenest fan wouldn’t have observed.

The Couch

Have you ever wondered why no one apart from the gang always occupied the legendary orange sofa? You will find the reason if you look closely, there is always a reserved sign on the table during the earlier episodes of the show. Down the line, they became regulars and guess they didn’t need the sign anymore.


Monica Introduces Rachel To Chandler

In the pilot episode, when Rachel comes to the coffee shop, right from the altar, Monica introduces her to Phoebe, Ross, and Joey. She also introduces her to Chandler as if they have never met before.

But in a later episode of  “The One With the Flashback,” we find out that Rachel and Chandler had known each other right from the Thanksgiving dinner when they were in college.

Control Freak

Monica is known for her OCD’s and her controlling nature. However, she was aware of the problem and was trying to deal with it. While working at Alessandro’s she had a special jar in which she had to put a dollar every time she yelled at somebody.

The Otherside

While everyone was busy admiring Monica’s apartment, very few noticed that the view from her kitchen window kept changing.


Sometimes it was a brick wall and at other times a building.


The Doodle Board

The doodle board in Chandler’s and Joey’s apartment had a lot of funny messages, which kept changing throughout the series. Like when Chandler and Monica confessed their feelings for each other, it was their initials written on and at other times Chandlers messages to Joey to call back some girl, his agent, or his dad.



New Name

The first episode of season 6, had “Arquette”  added to the names of every cast member in honor of the marriage between Courtney Cox Arquette and  David Arquette.



Ross’s Birthday

Did you observe that Ross mentioned he was 29 in seasons 3, 4, and 5? And once he mentioned his birthday to be in the month of December and in a later episode he changed it to October.


Close Friends Don’t Laugh

Although the viewers think that Chandler is by far the wittiest character with his funny and sarcastic quips, his close friends don’t seem to agree. They don’t always laugh at his jokes.

Courtney Cox Is Pregnant

It was easy to incorporate Lisa Kudrow’s real pregnancy in the show. The writers just got Phoebe pregnant too. However, when Courtney got pregnant, the plot already had Chandler and Monica who were unable to conceive,  had decided to adopt twins.So they just had Monica wear real loose and baggy clothes all the time.