9 Celebrities Who Made It Back To The Top

Pick any celebrity news magazine or website and you will see many stories of a celebrity meltdown. They become popular and then fights or some emotional stress makes them lose out on their fame.

There are some celebrities who have made a comeback after working through different addiction issues. Let’s check out 9 such celebrities.

Ben Affleck

Ben gained recognition and was on the top of the world in the 1990s when he won an Oscar award but, his career saw many ups and downs while he struggled with his alcohol problem. In the beginning of 2000, his popularity dropped sharply but he made a comeback in 2015 again with Razzie Redeemer Prize.



Angelina Jolie

The divorce with her husband, Brad Pitt and being the mother of many children, had her go through a lot of emotional stress which caused her weight drop down to 40kg and then 35kg. She is facing a lot of issues personally, but with her recent projects, it seems the beauty is back in action.



Vince Vaughn

He started his career in the 1980s and gained much fame but was not considered fit for serious roles in the beginning of the 2000s. In 2015 his popularity again rose with the drama series True Detective.


Mel Gibson

He was a great actor in 1990s but problems with the press, comments on religious issues and alcohol problems led to his downfall. He rose up to win an Oscar and a Golden Globe in the beginning of 2017.


Renée Zellweger

She was loved by people for her clumsy cute appearance and for being strong at unappealing camera angles. But experiment with her appearance, in 2004, cost her the fame that she gained and she had to correct the same.


Alec Baldwin

A handsome macho who could make women fall in love with a single glance has now turned into a respectable, intense-looking, gray haired man. He was not on air for some period of time but won several awards later.


Britney Spears

A Pop Singer of 90s with much fame lost the popularity to her drug and alcohol problems in the middles of 2000s. But she managed to find her way out and was back on top of musical Olympus.


Robert Downey Jr.

One of the highest paid actors in Hollywood was once imprisoned due to legal problems and drug addiction. He, however, pulled himself out of those dark days to be back on the top.


Christina Aguilera

Two Pregnancies and a rough divorce changed her appearance beyond recognition but she got herself back in great shape and began winning awards and gaining her fans back.


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