9 Unbelievable Gender Transitions You Won’t Believe Show The Same Person

Going through a gender transition is not only physically challenging but it comes with its share of mental agony as well. A person will have to undergo various surgeries before altering themselves to resemble their identified gender. And then there is also the Psychological consequences which are not easier to deal with, thanks to our ever cynical society.

However, there are few who brave and overcome these obstacles to transform themselves into the gender of their choice. Let us check out some beautiful transformations in this article.

Love For Tie- Dye

Even if everything changes, the love for tie-dye remains the same.



A picture of this person’s first ever pride, 8 Years ago Vs. at trans pride recently. Love the eye color.



Handsome Meets Beautiful

It is either being all handsome or ravishingly beautiful. Gender has little to do with it.

Becoming Me

A gender transition which included a weight loss of 97 Lbs.


Age No Bar

Age is just a number for some when their dreams are concerned.


Life Transformation

A picture of 30-Year-Old Male To Female, 9 Months On HRT


Believe And It Will

He believed he could, so he did. This picture shows Female To Male Transition. Pre Testosterone To 6.5 Years On Testosterone



Empowering All

Again age is just a number for this 49-year-old, who was on hormone treatment to transform from a man to woman.


New Begining

A beautiful transition of Male To Female after 1.5 Years On Hormone Replacement.